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Copper Hood Photo Gallery

Many of our clients choose to modify one of our Web Models to make it a custom look for their home. Take a look at some of these creations as you dream up your custom copper range hood. All of our hoods are made to order so yours will be made just for you.

Milano Variations

This hood is the "clean lines" version of a traditionally Old World design of the Milano. With smooth copper and dark brown patina, the look is complemented by a smooth frame instead of straps and rivets.

Take a close look at this one. We've added two vertical straps at the corners and a decorative copper tile with grapes. A dark brown patina and heavy texture give it a classic look and feel.

This has a taller height than the standard 8 foot ceiling model. This is a 48" wide hood with heavy texture and dark brown patina.

Coventry Variations

This is installed behind a plaster archway but you can see that we've added a custom rivet and strap pattern along with a dark brown patina. This is a 54" wide hood.

This Coventry is ready for a kitchen with a 9 foot ceiling. We've also added horizontal straps and rivets to the bottom frame to match the standard vertical straps. A light brown patina will complement the cabinetry.

This hood is made with a pre-stamped copper with a small dimple for a uniform hammered look. A dark brown patina has also been applied.

Sheffield Variations

The Sheffield is our most economical hood, but with a few details added your kitchen will have a top of the line look. This 48" hood features a three panel front, horizontal straps and rivets and a light brown patina.

This 30" version of the Sheffield has 2 vertical straps in stainless steel and the client removed the step detail from the frame. This copper hood also has a light brown patina.

Our hoods and countertops are packed in wood crates for shipping. The exception is our compact Vegas range hood which we ship in a sturdy cardboard box via UPS (insured).

Modernist Variations

This is an island version of one of our more popular designs, The Modernist. In this case, we've built it for a 9 and a half foot ceiling with straps and rivets on the bottom frame and a dark brown patina.

This 48" copper hood is a wall mount version of the Modernist and is made from smooth copper with a light brown patina.

Although this photo may not show the true size, this hood is 5 and a half feet wide! We've taken the Modernist wall mount shape and added a lot of straps and rivets with a heavy texture and polished copper finish. You will see a close up of this hood in the options section as it also has lettering along the bottom frame.

Monterey Variations

This is the island version of the Monterey without patina but with heavy texturing.

Here is the wall mount Monterey with a 3 panel front and straps and rivets. It also has heavy texture and a light brown patina.

We've added straps and rivets to this polished, textured Vienna wall mount hood.

This Vienna, wall mount has a heavy texture on polished copper and a double row of rivets along the bottom straps.

We offer texturing for no additional charge and that can be done to all or parts of the hood. On this Vienna, we textured the body panels and kept the frame smooth. Polished copper completes the look.

Napa Variation

This is a 66" hood with angle corners is the Napa model for a wall mount. The top and bottom frames are stainless steel per the client's request.

Sonoma Variation

This polished, island mount Sonoma features texured body panels, smooth frame and a double row of rivets.

Lettering - we can add your motto or, in some cases, estate name. Our letters can be a separate piece of copper applied on top or we can emboss as well.

Diamonds and rivets - Instead of all rivets, we can alternate them with these diamonds made from stamped copper.

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